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Friday otherwise

Aside from my trip outside, it's been quiet.  I've been reading "Quite Contrary" (calanthe-b) Glee recap LJ entries.  I started reading the entries that were late in the first season, and I'm partway through the second season.  At this point, she has no sympathy for Karofsky.  When Kurt said he wanted to be friends with him, I accepted that.  It's refreshing to see a perspective closer to what mine was, though.  I was getting really tired of going on tiptoe around the feelings of those who are big fans of Karofsky.  It's perfectly possible to be closeted and not be a bully.

Calanthe doesn't much like Finn, either.  I don't hate Finn.  I recognize that Kurt is a lot braver than Finn is and always has been.  It's been pointed out to me that although Finn considers himself leadership material, he's really no good as a leader.  Artie is actually good as a leader.  It's just that manliness at McKinley is considered in some part by your ability to get into a physical fight, and Artie can't do that.  Kurt doesn't want to do that.  Kurt is one of the heroes of the show, which is one of the things that makes the show terrifically subversive.

Calanthe recognizes that Blaine gives terrible advice, as RM (Racheline Maltese) said.  Calanthe likes Blaine, though.  She points out that Will is a bad teacher, and feels that Rachel is an awful person.  These are all reasonable arguments.  I've come around to the belief that Will just looks good because most of the adults around him are so awful.  However, Will did frame Finn for marijuana possession in the first episode, so it's not like Will's ever really been the good person that he says he is.

More thoughts later...
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