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Thursday so far

I lay down at 7 p.m. last night, and dozed until 11.  I got up for about an hour or so, then got sleepy again.  I woke around 7:30 a.m.  So I caught up on sleep.  I'm feeling relatively okay, though my throat is somewhat sore, and I would have coughing fits in the night.  I sort of propped myself up on my pillows at some point, and that seemed to help somewhat.  I'm still having coughing fits today, but the doctor called back around 6:30 p.m. yesterday evening, and I'm to start another round of antibiotics this afternoon.

It's fairly cold out, and rainy.  It's supposed to get warmer later in the day.  We'll see.  We needed the rain, though I would have preferred it not get cold again.

I never did get around to watching "On My Way," Big Brother" and "Saturday Night Glee-ver" again last night, obviously.  The third of those got low ratings.  Glee generally seems to be getting relatively low ratings this season, compared to what it did in the first season.  The "Michael" episode did fairly well, I think.  The people who are really interested in the show are still very interested.  I don't know if it's parents not watching their children to watch it because it has GLB characters.  Kurt is quite a popular character, and Blaine's wildly popular.  Julia of "crown of weeds" said that "The First Time" got very low ratings.  Apparently it's okay if the characters are gay, as long as they don't touch.  Since then, Kurt and Blaine are seen holding hands now and then.

I don't know how much Kurt is talking to Blaine.  I wish I'd seen Kurt talk to Blaine about Karofsky, about him being his secret admirer on Valentine's Day, and feeling guilt at not answering Dave's calls.  Kurt and Blaine talked in "Big Brother."  They didn't talk in "Saturday Night Glee-ver," though they danced together.  There's a gif, presumably a popular one, in the dancing scene, of Kurt moving his head so that rather than Blaine's hand touching his shoulder, it touches Kurt's lips, and Kurt kisses Blaine's fingertips.  Kurt dips Blaine while they're dancing, too.  So they are shown having physical contact.  There's that.

I want to see Kurt talking to Blaine about Unique.  Blaine would have been kinder, I think.  I can see why it had to be Kurt, though.  Blaine understands about performing "boy."  Kurt does, too, but Kurt performs a markedly different kind of boy.  People at McKinley don't see Blaine as a girl any more than they would because of casual homophobia.  They saw Kurt as at least being girlish.  I mean something different when I say effeminate than when I say feminine.  I'm quite sure there are others who don't make that distinction.  In my mind, effeminate boy is different from girl.  I mean something different when I say effeminate boy than when I say genderqueer, too.  I'm quite sure the general public blurs it all much more than I do, and there are points that it all blurs.  It's just that I make more distinctions, maybe more than I should, maybe less than I should, depending on the individual and situation.

Certain of my tags are getting a fair amount of use now.  I wasn't bothering with "gay-related" when it's S. -- or Kurt and Blaine.  S., my secret love child, gets the "friends" tag.  Glee gets the "TV" tag.  Glee and a good amount of my rambling lately are getting the "GLBT" tag when I feel it's appropriate.  It's seemed to me to be increasingly appropriate.  I don't think I even have a "bi" tag.  It's so rare that I talk about that, and even rarer in relation to myself.  I think I may need to make a "genderqueer" tag at some point.  That usually seems to be covered by my "GLBT" tag, though.  My use of "T" usually means "transgendered," but sometimes lately it's been "genderqueer."
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