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and TV watching - Saturday Night Glee-ver

Glee had a disco episode, "Saturday Night Glee-ver."  I wasn't terrifically into much of the music, though there were some good performances.  (*spoilers*)  They had a trans* character, Wade/Unique, who was pretty effectively presented as just another student, albeit from a different high school, Carmel High, home of Vocal Adrenaline.  Kurt really didn't know what to do about Unique, showing again that he's completely aware of gay issues, but not too great on bi and trans* issues.  There was enough fail from Kurt that Wade said, "I thought you of all people would understand."

I do this counting as a kind of a "could you imagine this is all on a mainstream show?"  There were three openly gay actors in one scene, two of them playing queer characters.  It's become typical for Glee to have four queer regular characters in a scene, and they're couples: Kurt and Blaine, and Brittany and Santana.  In at least one show, they've had three same-sex couples, though I don't think they all met together.  Some episodes take the number of LGB characters to seven or eight.  I don't know how many records they've broken for network TV, but they must have broken some records for visibility.

If you look at it for the year in representation of LGBT characters, they've had Kurt, Blaine, Santana, Brittany, Hiram and Leroy Berry, Karofsky, Sebastian and now Wade/Unique.  I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of characters.  Any time they have an openly gay actor guest star on the show, that brings the number of gay and lesbian actors on the show to three for that episode.  My guess is that this has been the case easily a dozen times during the run of the show so far.  This isn't the first time they've reached four.

I'll have to look up how many times Glee has won media visibility awards for representation.  Really, they should have won a bunch.

(Added later: We found out in the fourth season that Unique prefers to be called Unique.  She introduced herself as Wade in "Saturday Night Glee-ver."  In the fourth season, she consistently identified herself as a Black woman.)
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