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Sunday so far

I woke feeling very sick, but it went to only feeling moderately sick at some point. I got a health survey call. Dad would have loved answering it all. I was tempted several times to ask how many more questions there would be. At some point in the call I explained that I was currently sick. It was probably clear in my voice, which is still very hoarse. At the end of it, the survey person told me to get some rest.

I've gone into reading "Songs and Singers of Glee" (, in which Glorfindel analyzes the voices of other cast members and some more of the songs done on the show.

A. sent me a note about another joke from his Friday night clubbing adventures.

"Forgot the best joke of the epic night at the club.

When the guys picked me up, [Wolf Pack friend] (who is straight) said:

'Tonight I am gonna get laid if it kills me. And if I don't get laid, then it's up to you, A. Yup, either I pick up a woman or I resort to A. Just so you know.'

He had us all with that one :)"

It was a good thing I wasn't drinking anything when I read that.

Apparently [Wolf Pack friend] was kidding.  It plays off a certain conventional wisdom, though.  Well, conventional wisdom in some circles, at least.  I've heard plenty of stories about straight guys getting they're horny.  I'm sure A. has too.

Back in my own life, I went out to look at the flowers.  The lily-of-the-valley leaves in the part of the shade garden where the sandbox used to be are up.  I think those are the pink lily-of-the-valley and the ones in the rectangular pot are white.  I looked around a fair amount of the yard today.  I took pictures of the bleeding heart, and of the apple trees in bloom.  I checked the quince tree, and that has flower buds and a flower opening up at the level where I could see it.  Much of the tree is far above my eye level.

The American cranberrybush viburnum is in bud.  I'll take pictures of that when the time comes.  The flowers look rather like certain hydrangeas, with larger and differently shaped flowers surrounding tiny flowers that make up most of the middle.  I want to say lacecap (?) hydrangeas.  It's not a daisy sort of thing, or I'd say "disc" and "ray."

The tulips by the path from the driveway to the house are blooming.  One is yellow, and the other red.  I took pictures.  There's a lot of apple mint there, too.  The ferns where the vegetable garden used to be before it got shady there are up.  There's Japanese painted fern and what I think are lady ferns.  There's astilbe there, too, and perennial forget-me-not (Brunnera macrophylla).  There's a plant of sweet rush.  It's some kind of acorus.  I don't think it's Acorus calamus.  The leaves smell really good when you crush them, though.  It's a cinnamon sort of scent.

The sweet shrub (a.k.a. Carolina allspice) (Calycanthus floridus) is in bud.  I wish I hadn't planted it so close to the lilacs, but it's nice in its own way, though it's spread out quite a lot from where I originally planted it.  There's quite an emphasis from certain arboretums and public gardens on teaching people who live in the Delaware Valley to plant native plants.  If they take for me, they spread out wildly.  I have certain plants from native plant sales.  I also have plants that are native to Europe, Africa and Asia.  I like it that the spearmint and lemon balm have naturalized in the yard.  There are tiger lilies all over the place, too.

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