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Thursday so far

I spoke to A. for a bit Wednesday night, but I was getting extremely sleepy.  I conked out shortly after nine p.m., and dozed until one a.m.  I was up for a couple of hours, then went back to sleep.  I woke again around nine-thirty a.m.  My throat was pretty sore, so I called the doctor.  It turns out I have an ear infection and probably sinusitus, so I have medicine now for that.  The doctor told me to lay off the earbuds for a while.

I asked Dad if he could get the computer speakers working, as I'd been using earbuds to listen to anything on the computer.  The sound from the computer speakers is pretty tinny.  I have a speaker for my iPod -- have had that for quite a while.  That sounds decent.  I have to see about getting real speakers for the computer.  I don't need anything highly expensive, but most of what I listen to involves music.

It's not as cold today as it was yesterday, so I may go outside for a while and enjoy my flowers.
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