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I went out and smelled the lilacs.

I didn't sleep Tuesday night.  I dozed for roughly an hour Wednesday morning, after I had a glass of wine at about six a.m.  I realize that was not a healthy way to go about getting sleep, but I needed at least a little.  We're getting a new stove.  First the guys from the propane company had to turn off the gas.  Then we got the new stove delivered.  We get the propane turned back on on Thursday.

We got my taxes done, for which I am very thankful.

I really wasn't feeling good.  My slightly sore throat from Easter has become a considerably more sore throat, and has been joined with an earache.  I think I'll call the doctor tomorrow.

It was cold out, or at least cold compared to how it had been.  Temperatures in the fifties aren't all that rare for April, I don't think.  As I said above, I went out to smell the lilacs and get a little enjoyment from my flowers before I ventured back in.  I got some editing done, and some laundry.

I watched "Inside the Actors' Studio: Glee."  It was't a program I was familiar with, but I was certainly familiar with the clips they showed, and a number of the stories.  The host, James Lipton (?) seemed to have done his research.  I was interested in how Kurt developed as a character in Ryan Murphy's mind, and then how he became embodied in Chris Colfer.  James asked about Chris' audition.  Chris, being a bright boy, said, "You have video, don't you?"  That served as the introduction to the part of the audition where Chris sings "Mr. Cellophone."  Kurt sings "Mr. Cellophane" in the pilot.

James said, "You have the rarest of voices, a countertenor.  Is that from nature or training?"

"Some people think I'm castrated," Chris replied.

"I didn't say castrato, I said countertenor.  There's a difference."

"Yes, there is," Chris said, with vivid facial expressions.  He explained that voice teachers didn't really want to work with him, because they were afraid his voice would change.  He thinks it changed slightly from very high to the high pitch it is now, but that it didn't "change" to a much lower pitch.

"It's beautiful," James said.

"Thank you."  I don't think Chris is too used to having acting professors tell him his voice is beautiful.

(Note: The quotes are approximations.  I'd have to watch a few more times to get the exact quotes, but it's the general idea.)

(Added later: Glorfindel, who has Dutch as a first language, did a transcript of that exchange on this page:  I'm sure she got much closer to what was actually said, but I had the idea.)

We learned little pieces about the actors and show creators and how the cast came together.  It was too many people to get an in-depth look at any one, but I felt like I'd learned a few new things.

I watched "Big Brother" again.  This time I'd read the recaps from recappers I like, and observations from other blogs.  There was more I was watching for and appreciating.  I still wasn't thilled in the classes for teaching bad acting.  I feel like a lot more could have been learned by the audience if Blaine's father had appeared, but I guess they're saving that for next season.

As usual some of the meta around the Anderson family is whether Blaine and family are racially mixed.  From what the casual observer saw of this episode and these characters, they're white.  I am disappointed that Blaine's not "hapa."  (Added later: It seems that I was wrong in my assumptions:  If this is true, I'm happy to have been wrong.)

(Added a couple of weeks later: I finally got where the word "hapa" is coming from, as I saw a video of Darren Criss in which he's wearing a T-shirt that has a box with a check mark through it and the word "Hapa" next to the box.  I was told he wears that T-shirt "all the time."  That's certainly a clear and deliberate statement on race.  Whatever is going on with the character, the actor is sending a message about how he should be viewed.)

I liked the boxing and shower scene better on second viewing.  It is blatant fanservice, but this time I was more in the mood for it.
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