neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Tuesday so far

It's been pretty quiet.  I got the free book from ARe.  I am eagerly waiting for the new episode of Glee.

I talked to J. some.  He and K. will be busy packing this weekend, getting ready to move into the house.  I'm a little sad that they won't meet S., but I'm sure they'll get their chance at some point.  S. called today.  I'd texted him rather late last night asking how the GLBT organization meeting had gone.  He told me who the new officers were.  I'm sure I'd met the new vice-president before, but I can't recall really what he looks like.  I remember him being flaming, but that doesn't necessarily make him stand out in a college GLBT organization.  Well, I'll meet them all again at the pizza party.  (Note that for me "flaming" does not imply disapproval.  Not at all.)

I went out to see the flowers and take pictures of them.  One of the lilacs is blooming and one is in bud.  I think the one that's blooming is called 'Pocahontus'.  (Added later: I checked, and it is.)  It has a very pleasant scent.  I have got to get to the Tyler Arboretum soon.  They have dozens of lilacs.  At home, I took pictures of the Judd viburnum, pinks, pansies, geraniums and daffodils.  The ones blooming now are 'Cheerfulness' and 'Yellow Cheerfulness'.

I mostly read today, blogs and fan fiction.

Tags: family, flowers, friends, glbt

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