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Sunday so far

I had stayed up until about three a.m.  Mom tried to wake me a few hours later.  "It's past eight and we want to get to church by nine!" she said.  I note that the service they were planning to go to starts at ten.

"I don't feel good," I said.  I had a sore throat -- allergies, I think -- and just couldn't have moved that fast.  "You go ahead."

"Will you come later, in your car?" Mom asked.


I got up at eleven a.m.  I felt better by then.

"We missed you at church," Mom said when she got home.  I kind of felt bad, but I'd already been to church twice that week.

I caught up on AE.  Several of my buddies there had wished me a happy birthday.  I had only told A. directly, I think, but others had read his reply to me on my page.  O. posted pictures of a stained glass lampshade he'd made on the art forum.  The design was of Oriental poppies.  It's beautiful.

I went outside to try to get some bulbs and seeds planted.  I stalled out on where to plant the bulbs.  I planted a few freesias in pots with the miniature roses, but couldn't think of good places that would be easy to dig to plant the Dutch iris.  I scattered bachelor's buttons (cornflower) and calendula seeds where the kale and marigolds were, where the big chokecherry tree in the front yard was.  I planted some four o'clock seeds in the big terracotta-colored pots by the back door.  I watered where I'd planted the seeds, and where I'd recently planted flowers and herbs.

The Judd viburnum is in full bloom, and I took a few pictures of that.  'Duchesse de Brabant' is in bud.  Normally it blooms at the end of May or in early June.  It's several weeks ahead.  'Maman Cochet' is fully leafed out, as are several of the other roses.  I looked for buds on 'Mme. Zoetmans'.  Though it's got leaves, I didn't see flower buds.  The bleeding heart and lilacs are starting to bloom.  I've got to get to Tyler Arboretum, to see the lilacs there.  A yellow tulip was starting to bloom.  The ferns are coming up.

I have mixed feelings.  I'm glad we had a mild winter.  I always look forward to seeing my flowers blooming.  It will be a long season for some of the plants, provided we don't get a late frost.  Others will go by more quickly than usual.  Early spring and late spring flowers are blooming at the same time.  I'm enjoying it while it lasts.  The tea roses will rebloom very freely, particularly if I prune them. 
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