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Friday so far

Mom and I went to the Good Friday service.  Afterwards, I got some things done.  Dad and I got potting soil, and I got insecticidal soap.  I planted the dill, basil and sweet alyssum.  It's supposed to go down to 32 F tonight, so I held off on planting the Dutch iris, freesias and flower seeds.  Perhaps I'll plant them on Sunday afternoon or Monday.  We sprayed a number of my flowering plants and herbs with Deer-Off.

Mom and I stopped at the library, and I got Filled With Glee, which I'd read before.  It covers the first season.  There's a link to an old article interviewing Chris Colfer.  The link they gave didn't precisely work, but I found the article:

It was put as his first interview with the gay press.  He says some things that are now well established as his history.  There's a striking answer to a question:

The "Were you out in high school?"
Chris Colfer: "Oh, no. People are killed in my hometown for that."

I wondered for a while if that was literal, but it could easily have been the atmosphere.

Later: I texted S.  He said he was in [neighboring county], presumably at his boyfriend's house, "watching a World War II film and drinking sweet tea vodka."  S. said that he had to be at his uncle's tomorrow at three for a family thing.  J. is sick.  I had a feeling my special birthday guests would flake out on me.  To be fair, my secret love child said all along that he wasn't sure what his family obligations for Easter weekend were.  J. certainly can't help being sick.  I am trying to reschedule for next weekend.  S. said he didn't have to work next weekend.

I'm trying to imagine what sweet tea vodka would taste like.  Last I heard S. mention vodka, a week or two ago, I think, it was pear vodka.  Apparently he's trying all the flavors.  Well, he's twenty-two, and he's off-campus tonight.  It's supposed to be a dry campus.  (Ha!)  I do want for my brother to meet my secret love child.  I think they'd click very quickly humor-wise.  They're both very funny.

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