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later Thursday

Mom had signed me up for an "agape meal."  I usually participate in Holy Week events, including Maundy Thursday, so I took it okay.  However, we went there an hour early so Mom could work in the church library, where she volunteers as a librarian.  I would have brought my e-reader with me.  The organist and choir was practicing, too, and you could hear the organ all through the church.  I'm very fussy about music I don't have the ability to choose to hear.  I put on my iPod and texted back and forth with S. for a while.  He was on his way to the city.  I caught him before he was drinking.  His drunk texts are hilarious.

The meal was very light -- pita bread, cheese, dried fruit, clementines and olives.  There was a lot of church service before, during and after the meal.  Three tween or a couple years younger children sat across from me, but they were well-behaved.  It just took me a while to unwind afterwards.

Part of unwinding was reading Letters from Titan.  I adore her Glee articles, which have so much insight.  I read a couple of Deconstructing Glee posts.  Relatively recently I've started reading Don't Turn It Off, which is a blog by someone named Shanna, who has an autistic young son who's a big Kurt Hummel fan.  Shanna is a huge fan of Karofsky and doesn't like Blaine.  However, she also has a good bit of insight.  She was really hating anticipating and then knowing that some of the episodes would be rough on Karofsky.  Rough being a massive understatement considering last episode, On My Way.  A thought that often strikes me when reading her posts on Karofsky is that a person can be closeted without being a bully.  I'm not saying that's fair, because I'm sure it isn't.  It's my reaction, though.

There was news on AfterElton about the people chosen to compete in the second series of the Glee Project.  I didn't watch the first series.  I read what Deconstructing Glee had to say about it.  It seemed that some of the contestants in the first series were surprised that they might need to act out a scene where they play a same-sex attraction, or even act out a straight romance scene.  Had they been watching Glee?  The chances of playing a gay character are probably higher than any other network show in the U.S.

There can't possibly be a way to be on the show and avoid dealing with how you feel about gay people.  At some point I'll have to watch that series in order to see for myself.  Romance and sexuality in general are huge themes on Glee.  There are episodes with characters losing their virginity, there are some disturbing consent issues, there's cheating, a fair amount of making out and a lot of talking about sex.  Fans are well aware of this.  Aspiring actors should be acutely aware of it.  I'm sincerely puzzled.

The second series of the Glee Project seems to have a wildly diverse range of contestants.  There's a range of religions and ethnicities, there's a trans* performer -- and when has there ever been the possibility of seeing a trans* actor on network TV? -- and disabled contestants.  Glee has had disabled actors on the show in addition to actors playing disabled.  I'm curious to see how that will go.  I suppose I'll get recaps here and there.  I may ask M. (S.'s boyfriend) if he has the first series, and then catch up with it on whatever channel it's on, if we have that channel.  I have the feeling that if I do see M. on Saturday, we'll be doing a lot of talking about Glee.
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