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Wednesday shopping

I made several shopping trips, and made it to an appointment in between them.  Mom was working an evening shift.  We went to Wal-Mart and the grocery store before she went to work.  I got things I needed, such as soap, at Wal-Mart, and sushi and salad for dinner at the grocery store.

I researched about Glee season three DVDs.  On Amazon you can pre-order the complete season three, without indication of when it will come out.  I wondered if there would be DVDs for the first and second halves of the seasons, like for seasons one and two.  I looked at Barnes & Noble online to see what I could find out there.  I asked at the music and movie section of the local Barnes & Noble, and the associate there looked.  There wasn't a date for when the complete season three DVDs would come out.  She said she liked Glee.  I said that Kurt was my favorite character.  Well, for those who know me, of course he is.  "He's a cutie," she said, or words to that effect.  She was probably close to my age, so it was a maternal sort of way.

The lady said she'd started watching somewhere in season one, and that she really should go back and see what happened previous to when she started watching.  I said I'd started watching the show as it aired about midway through season two, and had gotten the season one DVDs, and then the season two DVDs later.  Last year the show unlocked online a day after it aired, so I saw several season two episodes online not that long after they aired.

I'd just done a season three so far marathon, I said.  "That's the most fun," she said.  She said she hadn't seen the latest episode yet(!) but had it on her DVR.

"It ends in a cliffhanger," I said.  I didn't spoil anything for her.  Less than a week to go before fans find out what happens.

Before and after that, I'd gone shopping for garden plants.  I went to [big independent garden center].  I was looking for lemon grass.  Sometimes they have it, but it's not hardy, so I think it's more something that comes in in mid-May.  Well, that would be the logical time, when you can plant it outside in this climate.  They had some other herbs, though.  I don't think cilantro is that hardy, but there were some pots of that.  I wonder if it's getting to be a relatively common cooking herb around here.

I got two pots of pineapple mint, which I like to have around.  I don't think I had it last year, but I had it in several previous years.  On a different table, they had flats of sweet alyssum, white and purple.  I got a flat of the white.  There were Easter lilies in bloom there, but they were $15 or so.  On a trip to the grocery store, I got one for $7.  I have no idea if it was the same cultivar.  Probably not.  There are a lot of white lilies with a general trumpet appearance, about a foot tall and having some scent.  At [garden center], I also got a packet of mixed dwarf bachelor's button (cornflower) and four o' clocks.

I later went to Home Depot, and looked at flowers there.  I got a couple of small pots of red geraniums, basil and dill.  I got several packets of seed.  This included more basil, calendula, portulaca and nasturtiums, in addition to more cornflowers and four o' clocks.  I got bulbs of Dutch iris and freesia.  I hope I plant them this year.

When I got home, I had dinner, and then planted the geraniums, pineapple mint and Easter lily.  I dumped out several pots that had weeds in them, and sifted out some spearmint from the weeds in one pot, and planted that.  I transplanted another kind of mint that I've had in the same pot since the garden club sale in [Main Line town].  So I have that mystery mint, spearmint, pineapple mint, chocolate mint, and apple mint.  I'll look for ginger mint somewhere along the line.  I've had that some years.  I had "green-and-gold" mint for a couple of years, and for years I had orange mint, which is also apparently known as eau de Cologne mint.  I should see if that's coming up near the water faucet in the back yard.

There's lemon balm all over the place near the west side of the house.  It's in pots, in the grass, in the herb garden -- which is the logical place for it -- I must have a good couple dozen plants here and there.  I'm pleased that it's naturalized, and don't think of it as a weed.  I'm also pleased that the spearmint has naturalized.  I'm not sure how I feel about the chocolate mint growing in the grass now.

I want to get more bee balm.  We pulled it up when we planted the roses last year.  I put some in a small pot, but it got too dried out.  I think I got that at a Home Depot years ago.  It was probably a cultivar, but it was red like the species.  I think of the bee balm and the lemon balm together with the mints because they're all in the same family.  I'm pretty sure [independent garden center] has had bee balm some years, and they've had it at the herb sale.

There are also tiger lilies all over the place.  I know I planted some in pots.  There's everything from last year's bulbils(?) (one leaf), to ones that are two years old now, to ones that have been there for several years.  The ones that are mature enough will bloom in the summer, after the roses.  I recognize them from the leaves and stem.

I really hope I get around to planting the seeds and bulbs this year.  I need to get a few bags of potting soil.  Any more, I just plant things in pots and see how they do.

Later: A. called around 8:30 p.m., and we talked for about an hour.  Some of it was on TV shows, some of it was on politics, some on what A. was up to with the group of his young friends he calls the "Wolf Pack."  They had what he called a flash Howling, a mini-Howling, where a few of the group got together, drank, and shot the breeze.  A couple of his friends had been lively with pulling April Fool's jokes, and he told me about those.

A. and I pretty much agree when it comes to politics.  Things have apparently been interesting in Wisconsin politics, with a move to recall the governor.  A. had been telling me some of what had been going on as it happened, and he caught me up on more.  They just had the primary there.
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