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Monday real life

It's been very quiet.  It was rather cold out.  Well, typical temperatures for early April, I suppose, but it was easy to get spoiled by those warm days in March.  I went out and took a few pictures of my pansies.  I went out back to smell the winter honeysuckle.  I think it's usually done blooming before it's leafed out, but it's just about fully leafed out.  It never lost all its leaves in the winter.  I think it's semi-evergreen in somewhat warmer climates.

The Judd viburnum is just starting to bloom, at the top of the bush.  I can see it from my bedroom window.  If it gets warm and I open my window, I'll easily be able to smell it while it's blooming.  One of its parents is the Korean spice viburnum.  I want one of those, too.

As I posted, I am on another Glee marathon, this time of the third season so far.  Kurt -- well, Chris Colfer -- gets four or five inches taller between the start of the first season and the start of the third season.  It's a good thing that Kurt never repeats wearing anything in his wardrobe.  Everything he wears is tailored to fit.  I think the camerapeople work to minimize how the gap in height closed between Kurt and the other guys, but it's still pretty dramatic when you see it.  I don't think that was anticipated.  It's not unheard of for boys to get growth spurts when they're nineteen and twenty, though.

Finn's still a good bit taller, but I think the actor is 6'3" tall or something like it.  Darren Criss describes himself as a small guy, and Kurt is definitely taller than Blaine.  Again it doesn't seem like that was anticipated, and that was just in the second season, between the start of the second season and the end of it.  There was a Finn and Blaine scene in the third season where Blaine got mad at Sam and mad at Finn for the way Finn had been treating him.  Blaine was at a punching bag for part of the scene.  Finn towers over Blaine.  I'm doubtful either of those actors will get any taller.
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