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Saturday so far

We're on our way to northwest New Jersey to go to the memorial service for Grandma S.

The service: I was touched by the parts in which Grandma S.'s family and friends talked about their memories. I'd never seen Uncle D. choked up, or Uncle P.'s wife, Aunt P. Initials get weird because all Grandma S.'s children were called by names starting with P. when they were growing up, and only Dad changed that, to using his first name rather than his middle name. So with Uncle P.'s marriage, I have three Aunt Ps. Even Dad was choked up as he thanked people for coming.

My brother and all my cousins on that side of the family were there. So it was me (E.), J., R., P., J.W., T., and J.T. R.'s husband N. was there, and the baby, J., and J.'s wife K. We got pictures of all the cousins together but some of my cousins were making silly faces. We got pictures of all Grandma S.'s grandchildren and the in-laws and the baby, and it grew until we got all her children and daughters- and sons-in-laws in the picture, too. She would have liked pictures like that. She kept a lot of family pictures around.

J. spoke about how he gave Grandma S. a marigold in a styrofoam cup when he was little, and she grew it so it multiplied greatly, and showed him each summer. Then he went into a family/garden metaphor, but I was glad he'd spoken. I said to Aunt P.T. that I remembered Grandma S. saying that when she saw a snowdrop, the winter was finally ending. "There was just one snowdrop under the hedge at [old house]," Aunt P. said, "and that was the one she saw."

"She told me that," I said.
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