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Wednesday so far

I watched the first two episodes of season three on Glee last night.  I got a pretty good night's sleep after that.

There was a robin right outside the back door.  I watched it while it was there.  It pecked around on the ground and ate something.  There are a lot of invertebrates in the yard.  I'd say insects, but there are so many earthworms in and around the flower pots and where we've planted bulbs, I'm including them too.  There's a plentiful amount of food available for insectivores.  I'm very happy for whatever insectivores we have.

I went out with the camera, but it was raining somewhere between lightly and moderately and I didn't want to get the camera wet.  I went back in with the camera and then ventured out without it.  The hardy geranium is fully leafed out.  I suppose I should say true geranium.  If I am remembering right, the flowers have white petals with pink veining.  I rubbed the leaves of the sweet briar.  I really miss the fragrance of them in the winter.  I may go out again and see if it stopped raining.

I think I'll watch Asian F.  That's one of the episodes this season with very explicit storylines about race.  It's Mike's story, but it's Mercedes' story, too.  There's also a bit about Blaine passing for straight as far as the directors of the play are concerned, and how Kurt is gracious about it.

Slightly later: I went out again and weeded a bit around a couple of the roses, the tradescantia, and the lily-of-the-valley.  The two tradescantia that are closer in color to the native species are coming up.  There were just a lot of weeds around them.  The lily-of-the-valley is in bud.  There are a number of tiger lily leaves up in various of the larger pots near the west side of the house.  I weeded around the orris (Florentine iris) in the back yard, too.  There were holes in the leaves.  At least it's coming up.  I'll have to find something to spray it with.  But the hardy perennials and bulbs (and corms, and rhizomes) are doing well so far.
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