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Tuesday so far

I went to bed around 9 p.m.  I woke at 1:30 a.m. and stayed up for half an hour or so, but managed to get back to sleep.  I got up at 9 a.m.  I feel pretty caught up on sleep now.  I have a podiatrist's appointment this afternoon.

S.M. said she'd call me next week for garden club.  The assignment is to do an arrangement with fragrant herbs, which would be right up my alley if it was a month or two later.  The Herb Sale isn't until May.  Garden club nominations for officers are in May, though, so it's a busy garden club month.

From what I hear, it went down to 30 degrees last night.  I was sleeping in a hoodie, T-shirt and sweatpants, with the comforter over me, and was shivering when I got up in the night.  Apparently it's gotten warmer again today.  I'll have to go see what the damage to the plants was.

I may buy lemon grass from [big independent garden center] if they have it available in early April.  I have lemon balm, spearmint, chocolate mint and apple mint.  I could use sweet briar leaves, too.  If I have the plants available, I could make an arrangement with plants with fruit-scented leaves.  I have rosemary, but that's a savory herb.  It's supposed to be a theme of fragrances that go well together.  In late spring, in different years, I could have put together a bouquet that was all lemon-scented herbs.  Depending what I get, I could easily do that in the summer this year.

I keep forgetting to post that the sweet woodruff is coming up.  That will be a ground cover in its little area soon enough.  As the snowdrop leaves die down, the sweet woodruff covers over the spots.  The bleeding heart will be up fairly soon, too.  The lilac is well into leafing out.

I'll look around the yard when I get back from seeing Dr. B.

Afternoon: I saw Dr. B.  They were running really late, but I'd brought my e-reader and started reading Midnight in Berlin.  I said my foot only hurt now when I'd been walking on it for a good while that day.  He showed me how to tape on the night splint so it would stay on.  Dr. B. recommended orthotic shoes, and he had a catalog.  I decided to get ones that looked as much like black sneakers as possible, which is what I usually wear.  They said they'd call me when they came in.

I completely forgot that Mom had wanted me to stop at Boston Market while I was in [Main Line town], and went back the way I'd come instead of going deeper into town.  I went to the Boston Market in [nearby borough] and got a turkey dinner for three there.  The man who helped me said that the people were nicer at the [borough] one anyway, when I said I'd forgotten to stop at the one in [Main Line town].  He seemed to have a good sense of humor.

I looked around the yard when I got home.  Nothing seemed frost-damaged, and I would be able to tell if it had been.  The lemon thyme I had cut back is sprouting new little leaves.  I may use that in my fragrant herbs arrangement.  The sweet briar has new shoots.  Well, I'm noticing that they're new this year because they're leafing out.  I noticed that the lily-of-the-valley has shoots coming up.  I hope it doesn't get eaten.  It's extremely poisonous.  Not to the touch, only to eat.

The pansies and pinks looked fine.  Even the oxalis looked the same.  I guess it didn't stay cold for too long a time.  It may get cold again tonight.  I have violets blooming in a pot, but they're not the sweet violets, just common North American ones.  They're white with purple veins towards the middle.  The sweet violets seem to be done blooming for now, but the leaves are coming up higher.  I hope they spread out.   
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