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Monday so far

I got very tired at eight last night, and lay down and dozed for a while.  I woke myself up at eleven to finish up some editing.  I tried to go back to sleep around two-thirty or three, and couldn't.  I'll try to get to sleep around ten or eleven tonight.  Not actually sleeping made me less than ambitious today, though I have gotten a good bit of laundry done.

It's cold and windy out, but I went out and took pictures of my flowers.  'White Lion' is blooming, but several of the blooms had fallen over.  I cut some daffodils and brought them in to put them in vases.

I watched the last two episodes of season one of Glee.  In Funk, Puck asks, "You aren't going to fondle us, are you, Mr. Ryerson?"  In an earlier episode, Puck had bought marijuana from Sandy.  Perhaps he just said in voiceover that he'd bought the pot, and it wasn't shown.  Puck is supposed to be sixteen here, and is established as having sex with women twice his age.  Puck is fine with that, though it's disturbing to the viewer.  There are a number of times consent is brought up on the show, including whether it's really consent between adults and teenagers.  Boundary issues are problematized, too.  For a show that's largely about teenagers, there are a lot of adult themes.

Late in season two, Blaine says to Sandy that he's a horrible person.  Sandy replies, "You sound like my court-appointed therapist."  It's the same episode, Night of Neglect, in which Sandy says he's predatory.  Sandy is supposed to be awful.  Most of the adults on the show are so awful that they make Will look good.  Burt Hummel is probably the only really decent adult on the show.

L. and I are having lively discussions on the show and Blaine in particular.  Some of the blogs I'm reading say that Blaine has a lot more issues than he's shown so far.  I'm curious to see what happens with him in the rest of the season, and in the next season.
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