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Sunday so far

It was rainy and cold earlier in the day, but cleared up and got warmer in the afternoon.  I went out and took pictures of some of my flowers.  'White Lion' is blooming.  It's a double daffodil with white petals and a white and yellow center.  The sweet briar is leafing out.  With a possible frost coming Tuesday or Wednesday, it may not be a good thing that most of the roses are leafed out, but it was good to smell the leaves of the sweet briar.  It's described by some to have a "green apple" scent.

I haven't gotten back to my Glee marathon yet, but I'll probably watch a couple of episodes this evening.  I did some editing in the afternoon, and will do more tonight.  I want to re-read the preceding story, which has part of the same setting, but not the same protagonists, to make sure about continuity, but I think the continuity is good.

The Letters from Titan tumblr has some interesting things about Kurt and Blaine.  RM (Racheline Maltese) says that Kurt realizes that the reason he's treated so badly is homophobia, that it's not something he's doing wrong.  Blaine thinks that if he can find ways to adjust how he's acting, the world will treat him better.  Perhaps he knows differently intellectually, but emotionally he believes that.  I think she makes some good points.

Later: I finished up my editing.  I read the first book again.  The continuity was fine.  This one was a fun m/m one, easy reading even to edit.
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