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Letters from Titan had this:

It's a call for submissions for a scholarly anthology on Glee.  The call is from Lambda Literary.  My online friends have various opinions about them.  They had a controversial rule change about their awards, then changed their minds back a couple of years later.  My opinion was that the competition should be open.  Anyway, at least some of the contributions to that anthology should make for interesting reading.  I hope someone makes the point that Glee is epic theater rather than dramatic theater, as delires observed a couple of weeks ago.  I also hope that at least some of the contributors realize that just because some of the characters on the show are sexist and homophobic, it doesn't mean that the powers that be of the show are.

Meanwhile, I am doing a season one marathon, and watching for the things the blogs I've been reading say have been going on since the earliest episodes.  They're right in that they've been sending some messages pretty consistently all along.  Will seems nice in comparison to some of the awful people around him, but he's done some bad things, and has sometimes made situations worse for the students.

Finn starts trying to be more of a leader when he realizes that Kurt is braver than he is.  Finn is not actually leadership material.  Artie is.  Kurt is one of the heroes of the show.  That's groundbreaking in its own way.  Kurt is one of the characters who can go out and get things done.  It takes some of the other characters quite a while to realize this.  His fellow glee club members learn to appreciate him, though.
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