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Friday so far

I went to bed around midnight(?), and got up at nine-something a.m., though I'd been awake for a bit.  I wonder when I got into journaling about my sleep patterns.  It might be useful at some point.

A. and I had a discussion of pleasant diversions versus obsessions.  He classified an obsession as when you stop with self-care and laundry and such, and forget to eat.  That doesn't happen with me.  Not to say I don't obsess over things.  Collecting roses is something of an obsession for me, but one I get a lot of enjoyment out of.  I consider my obsessions as getting bad when they get expensive.  It's pretty easy for collecting roses to get expensive.

I went out and took some pictures of my flowers.  I've been swapping out the pictures on my AE profile nearly every day.  The red-leaved oxalis is blooming.  The miniature rose that was ripped up looks bad, leaves drooping and dying.  The other miniature roses look good.  Some of the daffodils are falling over, the ones with white petals and orange centers.  That happened with 'White Lion', a double daffodil, because the flower was too heavy for the stem.  I don't know why it's happening with the white and orange ones.

The forsythia is in full bloom.  Graham Stuart Thomas said that that marked the time to prune repeat-blooming roses, but I'm pretty sure he meant in a year with normal weather.  I've thought of cutting off the upper parts of very long shoots on "Maggie" and some of the tea roses, but that will encourage growth, and I don't want to do that when it could still get very cold again.  Maybe in a couple of weeks.  I want to try to root what I prune off as cuttings.  I have at least a dozen books with instructions on how to handle rose cuttings.  Those books range in publication date from the mid-nineteenth century to the early twenty-first.  Ideas have changed.

If I did it, I would use rooting hormone and a relatively light soil.  I'm sure I'll post if I do try to root cuttings.  It's not something I've had luck with with plants in general.  Usually I end up just buying more.  Tea roses are supposed to take well to pruning.  I'll have to look up how Bourbon roses take it.

'Cheerfulness' (or 'Yellow Cheerfulness') is in bud.  The magnolia is going by pretty quickly.  I've got a magnolia picture up on my AE profile, and a number in my pictures folder.

Later: The weather forecast said that we might get frost on Wednesday.  I'm worried about the tea roses and the oxalis, but most of the other plants should be able to take it.  The leaves of some might die, but they'll grow new ones.

J. and K. closed on the house, and want us to come down tomorrow to see it in the "before" stage.  Dad doesn't want to go, but I said that I'd drive, so it might be just Mom and me.  I kind of know where their apartment is.  I've been there a few times.  I know the Route 95 part.  The house and the apartment aren't very far from each other.  J. and K. live in Baltimore.

Evening: Dad didn't want to leave the house.  He hadn't left it all day.  Mom and I went out to get dinner, then did some shopping.  We went to a grocery store that had a liquor store connected to it.  Pennsylvania has state stores, so that was different to see here.  Mom was able to get her sherry and then groceries, so she felt like she accomplished a lot.  I have the feeling we'll be going back to that grocery store/liquor store combination on a regular basis.  It's not terribly far away.
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