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Wednesday so far

I went out and took pictures of the spring flowers.  The pinks and pansies are doing well.  The forsythia in the rectangular pot is in full bloom, and it looks nice with the blue pansies.  Rosa rugosa alba is leafing out.  'Kazanlik' ('Trigintipetala') is pretty well leafed out.  Some of the other damasks have been slower to break dormancy, but they all seem to have leaf buds swelling at least.

Dad has some kind of stomach virus, which I hope he doesn't pass along to the rest of the family.

Otherwise things are good.  I read some of RM's Tumblr last night, and she said a fan fiction called (Def)inition was really good.  (  It's an AU fiction in which there's slavery in the modern-day U.S.  It's hard on some of the characters, but in a way that seems very organic to the story.  I could see it written as an original fiction.  The characters would need to be physically described more, and have name changes and the like, of course, but it's set with them in their late twenties.  The writing's quite good.  I stayed up late reading that.  It's a work in progress, but the latest addition was in early March, so I have hopes that it will be continued to be added to.

Evening: Mom and I went to the grocery store and then picked up dinner at Wendy's.
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