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I really randomly took a look at the GLBT bookstore websites on my favorites list the other day.  A Different Light had The Englor Affair on the home page of the website.  I sent a "Did you notice this?" note to TeddyPig ( and he did a screencapture of it.  Here's the post on his blog:

A Different Light

And you were saying about M/M Romance being written by “straight” women for “straight” women? Really?
Gee, I think I might not be the only gay guy reading this stuff. I don’t think A Different Light would stick a well known M/M Romance writer on their front page unless they sold well to their gay customer base.

Thanks to Emilie for the Hot Tip!

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"More Notes From A Gay Bookstore" was published on August 22nd, 2009 and is listed in J.L. Langley, M/M, Samhain Publishing, eBook Commentary.

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  1. Amie wrote,

    Did you notice that “Handyman” by Claire Thompson the anthology Sindustry join The Englor Affair on the front page? That makes 3 of the 5 featured books. Hmmmm…

  2. Emilie wrote,

    I noticed The Handyman on the front page, too.

    If I remember this right, the “by straight women, for straight women” tag was briefly used by Running Press, then quickly dropped. Two of their first four M/M authors pointed out that they were bisexual (correct me if I’m wrong), which may have had something to do with the rapid change in the tone of the advertising. Lee Rowan puts in her bio that she moved to Canada to marry her “sweetie.” From everything on the topic I’ve heard from them, Lee and Alex and Erastes are all very interested in being inclusive. I looked up the fourth author, who is named Donald Hardy. It’s probable that he’d want to be inclusive, too. He’s definitely not a straight woman.

Emilie resumes her own journal writing: I've got to learn to do that pingback thing, rather than just copying things people said.  Yes, I totally stirred the pot about it a few minutes ago.  I can only imagine the conversation the M/M romance authors had with Running Press when they saw that advertising.  I'm imagining them spilling their tea when they heard about it.  Odds are very good that they did say right away that they wanted to be inclusive.  I could ask Alex or Erastes or Lee about it, but I think I remember one of them (Erastes?) saying in reference to the advertising that almost none of them were straight women.  There was definitely a "Boy, did they get that wrong" vibe on that from The Macaronis.

So is it not gossipy if it's true?  I just thought that TeddyPig would enjoy that.  I am honestly looking forward to reading Lee's book, Tangled Web, and the next book in her Royal Navy series -- Home is the Sailor?  Charlie Cochrane has a new book coming out, too, Lessons in Power, the fourth one in the Cambridge Fellows mysteries, and I'm anxiously waiting for that, too.

I should have said that Alex and Erastes both squeed when I told them that False Colors and Transgressions were bestsellers at Giovanni's Room.  They were totally thrilled to hear that.  See, crossover.  Major crossover.

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