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Sunday so far

I remember being tired around eleven last night.  I'm not too sure when I fell asleep.  I lay in bed for a while after I woke this morning, and got up at ten.  In the afternoon I went out to take pictures.  I have yet to take a non-blurry picture of the winter honeysuckle, which is aggravating.  I want a close-up of an individual flower.  Well, the flowers come in pairs, so I want a close-up of two flowers.  That completely blurs out when they're close enough, whether it's my phone or the camera.

I got more good pictures of the pinks and sweet violets, and a couple of decent ones of the daffodils.  Dad thought that the tradescantia was coming up.  It's mostly just weeds there, but I saw about an inch of what could be tradescantia leaves.  One has leaves of a violent lime-green and purple flowers, and the other two have leaves of the standard green and blue flowers.  I like the ones closer in color to the wild ones better.  I'm not a huge fan of that hue of lime-green leaves.

I went to the grocery store, and picked up various things for dinner.  I got tuna, salmon and avocado sushi.  Again they had nothing on offer but spicy ones.  I got chicken tenders for Dad, and quite a lot of salad.  When I got home, I saw that we had the makings for salad, so I could have just gotten the stuffed grape leaves and sliced mushrooms and constructed my own salad at home.  I got red potato salad and imitation crab meat.  I had the sushi and some of the imitation crab meat, and a bit of the potato salad.

I texted back and forth a bit with S.  S. was spending the day in [next county over] with his boyfriend, but promised to call this evening and tell me about his St. Patrick's Day night partying.  Well, I've got to live vicariously through someone.  My secret love child has an interesting life.  He works hard and he plays hard.

I continue chatting back and forth in feedback with my AE buddies about various topics.  I wasn't sure Northboy was talking to me, but when he saw me ask Uly what his definition of "twink" was, and that I'd offered mine, he linked me to his definition, which was essentially what I said.  He's become a huge Kurtofsky fan in the past year or so, filling his profile page with what others call a shrine to that.  I go with the canon pairings myself.  But apparently he is talking to me, which is nice.

It looks at this point like a lot of Glee actors are going to place in the AE Hot 100, some of them high.  I'm still leaning towards not voting, because I don't want the hate.  Well, there's some misogyny and sexism, but more of the men defend the women members of AE.  There are times I don't comment because I feel it's not my place, but that's usually an internal judgment, and not determined by external pressures.  Interestingly, the staff there said that almost half the members now are women.  That drew some comment.

I don't even put on my profile what my gender is, though I don't hide it in my comments.  I'm not worried that the focus of the site is going to change.  The women near universally want news about gay and bi men and characters in pop culture, told from a gay and bi perspective.  Well, I haven't seen any say otherwise.  Sure, there's a lot of Glee news on AE now, but it's known as "the gayest show on television."  I talked this over with some of my buddies, and they were quite sure it wasn't only the women who were fans.  At least five of my over-fifty in age male buddies are fans of the show, and are open about that.  It's something they never saw growing up, and they think it's great that today's teens are seeing that.

But how are interesting are those demographics about the women?  There have always been some women members of AE, but I'm quite sure the numbers have grown tremendously.  Some have gay family members and some have gay friends.  The male members of the site are very willing to provide education.  It's interesting how the culture is passed down from the elder generations to the younger ones, too.  I think of Kurt, also, and Mercedes' flash of a dream sequence of him saying, "Oh, look, a little purse fell out of my mouth."  I cracked up because I appreciated the history.  I'm sure there are fans that was lost on, but they might learn about it later.

So there are some shifts in demographics on AE, and now people being more aware of the shifts.  I'm sure it will continue to get mixed reactions.  I lurked for a couple of months at least.  I found the site looking for more news about the German soap operas I was watching, and probably joined to make a comment about them.  I stayed for the book discussions.  More women have joined because of the coverage of TV shows they watch.  I wonder how much more the demographics are going to change.
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