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clivia show and more

I went to Longwood Gardens.  Today was a clivia show.  I especially like the pale yellow clivias.  I walked around outside first.  I went to the Hillside Garden and down to the magnolias and daffodils in the field below.  It seemed like it was a little early for those magnolias, though the daffodils were up.  Some of the magnolias were about half in bloom, and I think all of them at least had buds showing.

I went to the annual beds by the Idea Garden.  Only a few daffodils and tulips were blooming so far, but there were a lot of leaves up.  There were a couple of beds of early tulips blooming along the Flower Garden Walk, but otherwise it was mostly just the leaves showing.  At least I hadn't already missed it.

I took pictures of what I saw blooming outside, and inside at the show.  It's a point and shoot camera, so at least I was relatively quick about it.  I should probably admit to turning into one of those people with cameras.  Well, I wasn't alone.
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