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Saturday so far

I don't have any St. Patrick's Day plans.  It's pretty nice out.  I went out and took some pictures around the yard.  I'm thinking about going to Longwood Gardens.  Mom expressed a faint interest in going.  They have scooters there.  I've posted about using them a lot.  I have the feeling they'll be very busy today.  I put the camera battery on the charger, so I'll give it a little while.

I continue talking to L. about Glee.  We talked about an actress who wants to play Blaine's mother.  That would only work now if the actor who plays Blaine's brother Cooper turns out to be his half-brother, or if Blaine (or his brother) is adopted.  As I've said, I don't have a personal investment in this, but I would like to see one of Blaine's parents be Asian/Pacific Islander.  The show's borrowed from real life things with the actors before.

I have some sorting out of mail to do, and will post more later...

Uly is doing his campaign for guys to be in AE's Hot 100.  He has a picture of Chris Colfer up, with, "Do not argue with me. He makes me feel as if my whole life was worth the trouble. Not only is he talented, but he has changed lives. Just by being a sissy boy who can sing like a god."

I said, "I won't argue with you about you voting for Chris Colfer for the Hot 100. I'm pretty sure I voted for him last year on 'adorable is hot' grounds. I think 'can sing like a god' is over the top, though I really like his voice. In my opinion, he's a very talented actor, and that opinion is shared by many people. I love how you just came right out and said 'sissy boy.' There are a good number of cultural commentators in the country who are highly concerned by how many teenaged girls find him really hot. Their concern amuses me."

I thought about it for a few minutes, then amended my comments.  "I can't think of any commentators to quote. Maybe that's just an impression I've gotten. If they knew about it, they'd be concerned? I don't know how on the radar it is. There are a lot of haters who worry about Glee 'promoting acceptance.' I just know there's that opposite side to those of us rooting for that promotion of acceptance. I'm not sure how much they're following quite how delightfully subversive it all is. Of course, they wouldn't find the subversiveness delightful, either."

Fans realize that Kurt is one of the heroes of the show.  That's subversive in itself.  It just goes on from there.  I feel like I'm in a pretty good place to appreciate it, given my background.  And I do appreciate it, as I've described here and on AE.
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