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Friday -- shopping

I've been wanting a digital camera for quite some time, as in, a couple of years.  I looked at Consumer Reports, and noted down some they recommended.  I saw an e-mail from Best Buy that they had a limited number of iPads -- the new one, 3 -- in today, and was wary about going to Best Buy.

I went to Staples, and looked at digital cameras there.  They didn't have any of the ones I'd noted down.  A sales associate there helped me by telling me a bit about the different ones they had.  I ended up going to the mobile version of Consumer Reports on my phone to see what they'd rated the ones they had there.  I felt that I didn't have enough time to process the information about different cameras than I'd read about right then -- not that the associate was rushing me in any way, but looking at the web on my phone is very different from looking at it on a desktop computer.  I said I'd think it over.

I decided to go to the Best Buy in the area and see what the parking lot looked like.  It looked about average in the amount of cars for a weekday.  They had a couple of the kinds of camera that were recommended by Consumer Reports.  I looked up the ones they had there on my phone.  The sales associate in cameras was helping a couple of people who were already there, so I took my time.  I decided to get one of the Canon PowerShots that was recommended.  The purple one was cheaper than the black, so I got a purple one.  I got an 8 GB SDHC memory card that was on sale.

I almost panicked when I got home and the first "Getting Started" guide I saw was in Spanish, but they had another that was in English.  I put the CD that came in the box into the computer, and went to experiment with what was in the Getting Started guide.  I took a bunch of pictures of flowers: the violets, daffodils, winter honeysuckle, pansies and pinks.

I looked at the User's Manual PDF and eventually figured out how to get the cover open for the USB cord.  Most of the pictures had turned out fairly decently.  I have yet to get a close-up winter honeysuckle picture that isn't blurry, but maybe it's just me.  I put some flower pictures up in my profile on AE, replacing the ones I had.
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