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Thursday so far

I went to bed around eleven-something p.m., I think, and woke at eleven-something a.m.  I was actually feeling pretty good, if not moving that fast.  Around one-thirty, I went out shopping.  I went to the produce place, and looked at their assortment of minature roses.  More were out of bloom than in bloom, and the ones that were in bloom were a red that didn't thrill me.  They had six-inch containers of miniature roses, though, and they were cheap.  I noticed that they had red-leaved oxalis in six-inch diameter pots for considerably less money than I paid at [big independent garden center].  I need to remember to check at the produce place first and see what they have.

I went to the local Home Depot.  They had a pretty good variety of pansies in pots.  More excitingly, for me, they had pinks.  I have lots of favorite kinds of flower, but pinks are up there.  I got a couple that were double and pale pink with darker markings at the bottom of the petals, and two pots of a deep pink.  I got a pot of pansies that were deep rose and white, and a couple pots that were pale blue and white, with the blue almost a picotee around the white on some of the flowers.

I'm trying to be good, so I planted everything when I got home.  We'll see how long that lasts, but I am trying to stay in a good habit.  True, most just went in bigger pots than they'd been in, but I put some of the blue-and-white pansies with the miniature daffodils and where the big chokecherry tree in the front yard used to be, where I had marigolds and calendula planted last year, and where we have kale sometimes.  The pale pink pinks ended up in the pots the patchouli plants had been in a couple of years ago.  I forget what was in there last year.

I examined the minature rose situation and found a couple of roses coming up from the roots, so I had more than I thought I did.  I transplanted those and we'll see what happens.  I'm pretty sure that among them is a red I liked, and there was one that started out kind of beige but quickly faded to white.  There might be pink ones.  The ones I get don't usually come with name labels.  I know mail-order sources where I could order ones with names, but with miniature roses I'm good with just getting colors I like.

So I now have about four kinds of pinks.  I'm sure I'll acquire more as spring goes along and I go shopping.  I'm not as bad with collecting them as I am with roses, but pinks are up there for plants I collect.  I generally get the ones that have at least some fragrance.  My quest is to get clove pinks, but I'm more or less satisfied with hybrids that have some clove scent.

The lines and groupings of pots by the back door and west side of the house are starting to look better with flowering plants in them.
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