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The crocuses are in full bloom.  The miniature daffodils in that area and the 'Ice Follies' daffodils near the west side of the house are opening.  I sprayed Deer-Off on the pansies, crocuses and roses.  One of the lilacs had had a main stem girdled.  I sprayed the lilacs too, and what's left of the sweet bay magnolia, which is small shoots coming up from around the base of what was an eight- or nine-foot tall tree.  The Magnolia x soulangiana (sp.?) is in bud.  I should get to the magnolia garden in Philadelphia, which is in Old City.  Well, it's at a low street number.  Fourth?  Fifth?

The winter honeysuckle is in full bloom.  I took pictures of the pansies and sweet violets.  I looked at the labels near those of the roses that are basically coming back from the roots.  Fortunately they were own-root roses.  'Perfume Delight' is one of them, which I'm very happy about.  A couple are David Austin English roses, 'Dove' and 'Sharifa Asma'.  The Buck roses are 'Prairie Star' and 'Aunt Honey'.  I'm happy about any of them that are coming back, of course.  The leaf buds of Rosa rugosa alba are definitely swelling.  Some of the damask roses are breaking dormancy.

The forsythia in the rectangular pot is starting to bloom.  I deliberately put the blue pansies with it to have the contrast.  The blue pansies have yellow at the very center, so it will be a nice effect.  The pinks in one of the windowbox-style pots are still alive, as is one pink in a pot by the house, near the potted forsythia.  Crocuses are coming up in the corners of white square pot that one of the roses is in the center of now.  I forget that I planted them there.  Dad had put smaller pots in that pot, so some of the crocuses were squished.  I took the smaller pots out, and those crocuses should come back.  I said, "Look, you squished the crocuses!"

Dad was puzzled.  I pointed out the leaves.  It isn't like we have other plants with leaves like that in that pot.  Once I see the leaves, I recognize the bulbs (corms, rhizomes) that they're coming from.  I recognize crocus, daffodil, tulip and iris leaves.  Sooner or later I remember that the ones that look like thick daffodil leaves but have no spring flowers are from the colchicum.  That has pretty flowers in autumn, though.  I want to get more orris (Florentine iris) and blue flag iris.

I also want to figure out where the tiger lilies in the yard to the north side of the house are, before they get mowed over.  I don't think their leaves would be coming up yet, but probably by late April.  That's about all we have of summer-flowering bulbs, though I buy pots of freesias now and then.  There are a lot of tiger lilies in pots near the west side of the house.  They're pretty hardy.

I checked on the quince.  I still didn't see any blossoms, though it's leafing out.  I'll have to remember to keep looking for flowers, as it definitely flowers in the spring.  I'll watch for flower buds.  I'm pretty sure it blooms a lot sooner than the apple trees do.  Late spring is a nice time around here.
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