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I am reading the blog Letters from Titan from the beginning.  I got to around April 2011 last night and went to bed around two(?).  I am highly amused that RM (Racheline) said that she wasn't that into Glee and then by a couple of weeks later had watched all of the episodes that had come out by that time.  I think she said she'd watched a bunch of episodes over 72 hours.  Then she started posting about Glee very frequently.  Sometimes it happens that way.

I woke this morning around ten, but wasn't moving very fast.  At two Mom asked if I wanted to go to Goodwill.  I got a few little knick-knacks I'd been wanting to give away and came outside.  I didn't need a jacket, it was so warm.  We stopped so the parental units could pay their taxes, and then drop books off at the library.  Then we went to Goodwill.  I was hoping they'd have hoodies, but they didn't.  I looked a bit at T-shirts, but the sizes were all mixed up.  I looked at CDs, but didn't recognize the names on them.  We got spring water at a little place where you bring your own gallon containers and fill them up for a quarter, which I think is a pretty good deal.  The tap water has been tasting very strong lately -- mineral taste?  I don't think it's precisely a metallic taste per se.  It's hard water to start with.  Maybe it's a chemical taste.

I went to the Indian grocery and got two garlic naan, rasmalai, a can of gulab jamun, and mango juice.  I wanted to get chicken tikka masala, but since Mom was home, I got voted down.

I had the better part of a garlic naan when we got home.  Mom wanted some as well.  I later told her that it had cilantro on it, and I hadn't noticed her protesting at the taste.  Maybe she just doesn't like it in sauces.  From what I understand, either you like it or you don't.  It's not something people feel indifferent about.  The cilantro flavor on the naan wasn't strong.  I could see parts of the leaves on the top of the naan, and they're distinctive.

Mom and I went out to the grocery store so we'd have something for dinner.  I got California rolls.  I asked one of the workers there if all of the sushi on offer was spicy, as it all had lines of an orange sauce across the rolls.  He said that some of the containers were marked "spicy" and some didn't say that.  I was dubious, but got the California rolls.  The orange sauce is indeed spicy.  Mom got a small rotisserie chicken, and I had a bit of that.

I had an interesting mix of foods today.  I started out with a bowl of cereal and a red velvet whoopie pie, and then later went on to a naan and sushi.  Considering we live in [suburb of Philadelphia], there's a surprising amount of international food you can get around here.  It's only been a few years since we had the Indian groceries and Indian restaurants in [suburb], though there's been an Indian restaurant in [borough] for many years.  The Asian grocery has only been around for a few years now.  I have so much fun looking around in the Indian groceries and the Asian grocery.
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