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Well, we got the official announcements on things from Jordan and Josh: and  As I've been saying repeatedly, I'm very excited about the novelettes.  There are so many things I don't have to worry about with Josh's stories.  Working for Changeling has taught me a great deal about what you can do to fix a story's flaws, and I've discovered (or rediscovered) some quite skilled authors working for them.  However, there are things I would do very differently with some of the stories if I had the power to do total rewrites.  Or even if I had the power to change whole sections of the stories.  No surprise, I have completely different ideas about M/M romance than some of Changeling's authors do.  I'll take an author who's very skilled indeed, Willa Okati, as an example.  Some of Willa's stories have straight characters turning gay, or gay characters turning straight.  I rant about that all the time.  Not that her stories aren't consistently well-written and generally very imaginative -- they are.  I just don't care for that plotline at all.  Then there are those authors who need a lot of help technically, and get a considerable amount of help from the editors.  Well, that's what we're there for.  There are authors who are at various places in the process of learning writing.  (Arguably, a process that never really stops, but some have more to learn yet than others.)  From what I get, most are eager to learn -- their subsequent stories improve in all kinds of ways. 

But I know with Josh that the characters will be believable and lifelike, the dialogue will be good, the plot and pacing will be logical, the exposition will be woven in, and the settings will be vividly described.  I'm comfortable with proofreading, and I feel like I have good instincts for line editing.  The Changeling editors agree with the problems I mention in stories, and often with what I suggest for fixing the problems.  I learned so much from Jen the Proofreading Goddess, and I've learned a good bit from M. and Bonnie, too.  The feedback I get from the editors who send me proofreading is often very educational, as well.  So, as with my reading, I have confidence in certain writers I edit that they just won't be problematic for me in the way some other authors' writing can be.  There are some authors I read that I'd like to edit for -- I mean that I'd enjoy doing it.  Not that their writing won't have faults -- I'm aware of the faults from their published books.  Just that I'd like to edit for them.  Maybe some will write for Changeling.  A couple have.
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