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Wednesday so far

I did errands first.  I went to the grocery store and said hi to P., and saw Dad on line.  He was shopping the same time I was, but we'd gone shopping independently.  However, I did loan him money to pay for his groceries since he didn't have any cash.  He was going to write a check.

It was very nice out, so I decided to do a couple of fun things.  I went to [really big used bookstore].  They had what I think is the latest Stephanie Plum book, Explosive Eighteen, so I got that for much cheaper than I would have new.  I also got Classic Bulbs: Hidden Treasures for the Modern Garden.  It has lots of pictures.  It was published in 1991, so its list of mail-order sources would be completely outdated, but I have my own list of mail-order sources for heirloom plants.

Before the deer ate it, I had the daylily 'Hyperion', which is from 1924, and the old double tawny daylily, which is at least several decades older than 'Hyperion'.  I have the Old Garden Roses, some of which go back to medieval times.  Many of the ones I have are from the nineteenth century.  I have orris, or Florentine iris (Iris germanica var. Florentina).  I have 'King Alfred' daffodils.  I can figure out easily enough how to get antique cultivars of narcissus and tulips.

I went to [big independent garden center].  I got three flats of pansies, a hyacinth, and a red-leaved oxalis.  I planted them all in big pots outside at home.  It's really too early for the oxalis, but the other flowers should be all right.  [Garden center] was getting another big shipment of pansies that afternoon, so I may be back later in the week.  I got blues and yellows and purples, white, blue-and-white, blue-and-yellow, and maroon, so I'm pretty happy.

I put pictures of some of my flowers on my profile page on AE.  I had an Old Garden Rose, which has stripes on the outer petals, so may be 'Rosa Mundi'.  I kept that up.  I took out the picture of what's probably the bush of 'Ispahan', and a pink hibiscus.  I put up a picture of one of the blue-and-white pansies, the mahonia that's outside, and a picture of a bird of paradise flower in the Main Conservatory of Longwood Gardens.

I'll have to remember to go to Home Depot a couple of times in the next month or so, to see what flowers they have.  They don't have a terribly wide variety of cultivars, but you can get a lot relatively inexpensively.  [Independent garden center] had pots of Jasmine polyanthum in bloom, but they were $25 a pot.  I may get a couple of small jasmines from Logee's late in April or early in May, and put them outside in bigger pots for the summer.  The flowers are just starting to bloom outside, and I am planning for summer.

It was a pretty good day.  I am discussing various things with my buddies on AE.  I watched the video of the Los Angeles production of "8" last night.  It was the actors reading from their scripts, which were based off testimony from the Proposition 8 case.  James, you've got to watch it if you haven't already.  I told S. last night that I'd send him the link to the video on YouTube.

I was glad to get a chance to be outside planting flowers on a nice day.
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