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Those who have been around know that I talk about gardening and what I'm reading or watching on TV, and to some extent what's going on in real life.  I live vicariously through a university student I call my secret love child, who has a very busy life.  I volunteered at the university, a local one I graduated from, for a couple of years, working on a project about the history of the GLBT organization there.  That's how I got to know S.

I write every so often about taking the train to Philadelphia.  Center City is also known as the "gayborhood," and you can walk to the gayborhood part from Market East, but it's a number of blocks.  I like going to Giovanni's Room, which is a GLBT bookstore.  They get some good authors there for readings and book signings.

Wilmington, Delaware, is pretty drivable from where I live, though mostly I stay in the shopping areas north of the city.  There are some cool museums and gardens around there, too.  Philadelphia has some great museums, but I've gotten hideously lost trying to get to them, so I haven't been to them for a while.

Mostly I read romances, though I read non-fiction as well, and like some historical mysteries.  I was a history major.  I used to read a lot of science fiction/fantasy -- what's trying hard now to get the label "speculative fiction."  I still read some.  I stick more to the elves-and-bunnies end of the science fiction/fantasy spectrum.  Perhaps that should be elves and telepathic animals.

My idea of gardening mostly involves putting out plants, some still in their original pots, and seeing what happens.  There are those plants that survive this.  The alba roses, ones from one of the older classes of Old Garden Roses, have done pretty well for me that way.  Over a number of years, I've acquired a pretty good collection of plants with pleasantly scented flowers or leaves.  I was inspired by reading Louise Beebe Wilder's book The Fragrant Path.

I talk a good bit about GLBT topics.  I suppose I don't write that much about how I identify personally (bi), but more about what I'm reading and who I'm hanging out with.  Usually that's more interesting than talking about myself.  I'll write about how I feel on the various issues, or just write about the issues.

Odds are good that I'll either be writing about herbs and flowers or about gay romance. 
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