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Tuesday so far

I got extremely tired at 10:30 p.m. last night, and figured there wasn't much point fighting it.  I woke at 7:00 a.m.  I made a few phone calls to try to get real life things done, then tried to keep myself occupied while waiting for the calls to be returned.  I got quite a bit of editing done.  I received a reply that answered one question I had.  Once again it looks like the most exciting thing I'll do today is a trip to the grocery store.  My secret love child will mock me.

The story I worked on was a pretty busy one, with four guys and a woman.  I felt like I should be positioning dolls like Jade Buchanan does, to make sure all limbs and other body parts could fit the way they were described as fitting.  I'll have to read it over a couple more times with that in mind.  I remember one story for which an editor pointed out that Guy A could not be touching Guy B's nipple and butt at the same time with the same hand.  Somehow I thought that Guy C was in there with some of the touching.  Menages are tricky to edit that way.

There wasn't any bondage in this particular story, so if I had dolls, I wouldn't need to add string to the equation.  Some of those dolls-in-bondage pictures I've seen have been pretty entertaining.  Sometimes I wonder if it's me, or if the world of erotic romance e-books is just that strange.  I think it's the latter.

Some of those writers have quite the imagination.  The friends I've told about the summer of shapeshifting prairie dog stories could not get over it.  "Prairie dogs?" they asked.

"No, seriously.  Oh, and the prairie dog shapeshifters were in a biker gang."


"I asked at the time who had thought that up, and one of the editors said she had.  It was in response to a challenge to think of something new and weird."  One of my favorites out of that multi-author series was a m/m romance that had an owl shapeshifter and prairie dog shapeshifter who would "get kinky" by playing owl-hunts-prairie-dog games.  Another I liked quite a lot was a m/m with bondage.

"Prairie dogs and bondage?"

"It was a good story."

I just live here.
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