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Monday -- Flower Show

So I made it, and the tropical flowers and displays were cool.  I asked at the information desk about the LGBT evening, which was in the Flower Show "newspaper" -- there's a better word for that.  The nice little old ladies at the information desk didn't know what an LGBT was.  Puzzlement was total.  Another lady came into the booth, and they turned to her.

"Yes, I talked to them upstairs.  You need a special ticket for that, but you can get it online."

"I already have a regular ticket," I said.  That apparently wasn't good enough.  It said in the newspaper that the Flower Show president would be meeting with the LGBT folks, who were there to network.  It all sounded pretty black tie.  I wished I'd gone online first, but it sounded expensive, too.  The thought went through my head that there are LGBT people who don't have computers.  There are those who don't have homes, but that's far beyond the scope of what I was trying to figure out.

Anyway, the gist of it, or where we left it, was that the little old ladies were still puzzled about what an LGBT was, and that I would have needed to go online or call to get a special ticket.  Hopefully the head lady there will tell them what an LGBT is.  She at least knew they were a "them."  I realized that jeans and a hoodie wouldn't cut it for an evening of networking, and I wasn't going to go online on my phone right then.

I thought it would be a more informal thing, like with people just wearing something recognizable.  I wore my bi pride earrings, which have pink, blue and purple beads, and the Yoji and Aya in the flower shop T-shirt (, but I mostly kept my hoodie on.  It seems I need some drastic way to announce my presence.  I figured there were other people who needed information that the little old ladies could actually give them.  I couldn't believe I would have needed to start from scratch to explain what LGBT was for an event that was happening that night.  I would have thought the people at the information desk would know these things.

The most I hope for is that the little old ladies get enough to realize there were queer folks having an event tonight, and maybe that one talked to them.  The information gap was stunning.  I was bummed out that there was no way for me to meet other queer people.

I've been to the Flower Show by myself before, so I went in and wandered.  It really wasn't all that crowded.  I enjoyed the displays and exhibits.  When it came to the vendors, I just didn't have the heart to figure out which numbered booth on the paper corresponded to which vendors on the list, and got a dozen roses for $5.  There are a dozen roses for $5 offered several places.  I'd already gotten a lemonade for $5, so I spent $10, not counting the ticket.  I got two tickets, so I'll do some shopping later in the week.

When I got back to [Main Line train station], my car hadn't been ticketed or towed, which I was happy about.  Dad is talking about going tomorrow, and so is S.M., with a friend or two.  I had talked on the phone to S. at the show, and texted him when I got home.  I'd explained to him about the event.  When he called me after I got home, he told me about the ally appreciation meeting the GLBT organization at [local university] had had, and said it went well.  The mayor hadn't showed, but S. was still good with it all.
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