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This is more the online part.  I said to AlbertaGirl in feedback that she was now going to be known as "Other Canadian."

There was a great post at Just Stimming about being part of groups considered not-people, and how much it feels necessary for survival at times to agree with people (how ironic) who are railing against not-people.  That's how I took it, anyway.

I made up a WordPress account so I could make a comment on Just Stimming.  I'd always been able to comment on blogs without making an account for myself, except for here.  I made an LJ account specifically so I could comment on an LJ entry of Josh Lanyon's, back when he was making frequent entries.  How I enjoyed his journaling, and miss it.  Well, I still have so many of his books that I can re-read.  This LJ must be at least two years old now, maybe getting towards three.  Julia is the second person I've done that for.  I suppose I get that highly motivated when someone is that good a writer.

(I looked, and I started this LJ halfway through 2008.)

RM (Racheline? [Racheline Maltese]) of Letters from Titan had different things on her Tumblr (I think it's a Tumblr) about the Los Angeles production of a play about Proposition 8.  Several members of the Glee cast were in it.  She had a clip of the testimony from the trial that Chris Colfer read, and an interview with him.

AfterElton had articles about the play.  I saw at least one commenter saying that Chris just plays himself, that he doesn't act.  Seriously?  On a website for gay and bi men, to not give a gay actor credit for his acting skills?  Well, that was also done with Dennis Grabosch.  Dennis said he identified with Roman to a certain extent, but he really did not get credit for his acting skills.  That may have been from more of the mainstream.  Dennis said that a lot of gay men in Cologne disliked the character of Roman because he was effeminate, a stereotype.  Roman seemed to be more popular with female fans.  I think it's a trend.  An international one, even.  Well, both the not-giving-credit and the effeminophobia.

I am a little concerned that a few times lately I've connected myself here with my given name, but I'm doing it with people who seem to me to be as honest about themselves as you might think anyone would be online.  I know it's a risk, but I try to be careful about names of people I know offline, unless they're public figures.  Also, the people who comment here know my name.  I don't think I've ever used S.'s given name here or on AE, and he's really out.  This year he's president of the GLBT organization at [local university], and I would call that pretty damned out.

I left a message to my secret love child about tomorrow night being LGBT night at the Flower Show.  I think I'll send an e-mail to that effect to the GLBT organization office.  If I make it, I'm curious about how straight show-goers will react to it all.  I may well wear my Yoji and Aya at the flower shop P.L. Nunn T-shirt (, and rainbow earrings, or bi pride earrings.  I want those who would care in a good way to know.  As for people who would react in a bad way, well, that's what security is for, I guess.  After all, I did just make a comment about passing and not necessarily wanting to.

(Edited to add: Huh. I wonder if there were thoughts of Dave Karofsky behind that Just Stimming post. That's how the conversations start, with Glee.  There wasn't a mention of Glee in the text, but there has to be a connection.)
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