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Sunday so far

It was colder out today than yesterday, but I was determined to do something over the weekend, so I went to Longwood Gardens.  There were an awful lot of people there -- the parking lot was nearly full.  I wonder if there was some bleed-off from people who came to the area to go to the Philadelphia Flower Show.

There were a few little flowers up along the path through the parking lot to the Visitors' Center.  There were little blue flowers that looked rather like crocuses, but couldn't have been, because they had scalloped leaves.  There were some early daffodils and in the flowerbeds by the Visitors' Center, there were little (Siberian?) irises.  I love the Siberian irises -- they're so lovely and delicate-looking.  These were what I think of as the classic shade of blue for them.

I took a quick turn around the conservatories.  The clivias were blooming in the East Conservatory.  These are a pale yellow variety, and I think they're so pretty.  The acacias were blooming in their passage.  There was stock along the edges of the Exhibition Hall pathways, and it smelled really good.  The espaliered nectarines in the Fruit House were blooming.

The Orchid Extravaganza is still going on, and the orchid displays are just spectacular, particularly the ones by the Music Room side of the Exhibition Hall.

There were daffodils and tulips in the Main Conservatory.  The daffodils had yellow centers and white petals.  The tulips were flame-colored -- red with yellow on the edges of the petals.

It was crowded, and I didn't stay a long time, but I saw some seasonal flowers and some that are on display in the conservatories just at this particular time of year, so I was happy I went.
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