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Some of what S. and I discussed last night also apparently started off from Glee for the students in the GLBT organization.  They said that "On My Way" should have had a trigger warning.  Then they said that some of the GLBT organization meetings should have had trigger warnings.  S. has done his GLBT health presentation for three years.  He includes mental health and talks about the higher suicide rates for LGBT youth as compared to heterosexual young people.  The suicide rate and attempted suicide rate among trans youth is terribly high.  I mean, anything is terrible, but it's really high.

If people who want to counsel LGBT young people find it too triggering to discuss that, how can they be counselors?  S. and I both wondered.  It's real.  That particular discussion right then might have started with a TV show, but we're talking about people's lives.  S. is talking about people's lives.  It's important for teens to not feel so alone.  There are others out there who understand a good part of that loneliness and sense of despair some feel.  That's why I feel the Trevor Project is so important.  That's why I feel that what S. is doing is so important.

Even though my mind was very fuzzy when S. and I talked, I think me repeating what he said and agreeing with him, and rephrasing things helped him.  I wished I had been much sharper mentally for that discussion, but I was there, and I hope that mattered.
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