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making progress with the international

It's been slow, but A. and I are trying to make his "Yet Another Gay" nickname gather momentum.  We've reached Malaysia and Greece, and New Jersey.  I made a special effort for Austria, commenting to R., who has more than seven hundred buddies on AE.  It's way past his bedtime, but perhaps he'll see it tomorrow.  People in California and Great Britain should be picking up on it soon, one way or another.  I'll touch base with P. from Down Under, and the AE P.M. (a.k.a. S.V.), who was a librarian and grows roses.

I'm keeping S. updated on it all.  Though he doesn't like Glee, he understands the concept of the people around me getting nicknames.  So far, he's still known as my secret love child, though A. suggested "Snarky Gay."  I said that would make S. one of thousands, or perhaps hundreds of thousands.  I suppose my extrapolation says much about who I hang out with.  Somehow I don't think S. will become "Snarky Gay."  It is funny, though.

I suppose at some point I'll need to explain on AE how I decided that if Lisabea had Roman Wild as her Secret Gay Boyfriend, I would have a secret love child.  Those who have been reading along here know it all started with Alles was zaehlt.

I think Virginia will be next.  I need to start marking off places on a map.  I'll see if A. is already doing that.  I should get the momentum going in the GLBT student organization.  Perhaps I'll e-mail M., the work-study student.  That will basically just cover southeastern Pennsylvania, but it could go from there to other states.

My nickname is easy.  It comes from college, where I was known as "the bisexual fag hag."  Well, that's what it is here.  I'm sure I'll pick up more acceptable nicknames elsewhere.

Later: We've reached Canada.  Apparently Glee doesn't air in Austria, but I explained to R. that S. had become known as my secret love child at a time when I was watching Alles was zaehlt and Verbotene Liebe, and he'll understand that.

I modified my nickname to A.'s preferred phrasing, and said that I could be known there on AE to him as the "bisexual fruit fly."  Does not have the same ring to it, but I'm sure many people would find it less offensive.  I am able to compromise when I'm away from my own place.
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