neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Saturday shopping

We went looking for a department store to get me a skirt in case I accompany the parental units to church tomorrow.  Mom wanted a new bathing suit, too, as she only has one.  We got rather lost trying to find Bell's, but found a Goodwill.  I got a couple of skirts there.

We later found the Bell's, and Mom tried on several bathing suits, but didn't like how any of them looked on her.

We went to a flea market.  I got a couple of Florida postcards and a T-shirt, and a pair of earrings made of little shells.  The flea market really didn't have much in the way of tourist things, though.  It took some looking to find souvenirs.

A. from AE and I are discussing who gets what Glee nickname.  A. worked Wednesday, so he couldn't call.  I said that I'd talked to S. for an hour, and the phrase "Other Gay" went through my mind.  A. and I discussed this.  He said that S. should be known as "First Gay," since I've known him longer, that his boyfriend M. should be known as "Other Gay," and that A. himself would be "Yet Another Gay."  The "Yet Another Gay" suggestion had me giggling for several minutes.

I told A., though, that S. couldn't be "First Gay."  That would be someone from high school or college.  I may switch from calling him "Secret Love Child" to "Gay Kid."  That way M. can still be "Other Gay."  A. will be "Yet Another Gay."  That's going to have me laughing at random moments for days.
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