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Friday so far

I fell asleep early for me, and woke around nine.  I've been reading AE and various blogs.  I'm still talking to L. about Glee.  I told her it was diverting my mind.  We're going up to northwest New Jersey tomorrow to help clean out Grandma S.'s apartment.  I told her that, too.

Some of the people who are such big Karofsky fans seem to be all right with him just being happy, or just being friends with Kurt.  It makes me feel better, because I feel that him eventually being friends with Kurt could be managed.  L. and I are busy discussing whether Karofsky truly outed himself in "Heart."  Either he did or he'll be convinced he did, in my opinion.  I don't think he could take people joking about it, as he couldn't take it when the hockey players said, "They've turned Karofsky gay!"  There was no way he could have joined New Directions then.

Santana was outed ahead of her schedule.  Kurt was assumed to be gay well before Sue called him "Gay Kid" in front of New Directions.  Kurt had already told Mercedes and his father.  Some members of New Directions knew about Santana and Brittany in the first half of the first season, when Brittany said, "If sex was dating, Santana and I would be dating."  Eventually it got so they all knew, when Santana and Brittany sang "Landslide" together and Rachel recognized the interaction as "Sapphic."

Karofsky said twice that he was planning to come out "next year."  I'm pretty sure it's going to be unwillingly this year.  I'm curious as to whether it happens in the next episode.

I ventured outside.  I enjoyed the winter honeysuckle and the sweet violets.

[2014: I wonder if L. is Larkin.  That was back when the Backlot was still AfterElton, so it could have been.  I don't know why I didn't just use Larkin.  She said it wasn't her real name.]
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