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I keep checking back at "crown of weeds" for reaction to the Brittana kiss.  Presumably Julia will be happy.  I want to see her take on it.  I've been reading around at other sites that post about Glee.  Some in the fandom started writing about how now Sebastian will have a redemption arc about five minutes after he half-blinded Blaine.  Perhaps he's just meant to be evil.  There wasn't any talk of redemption for Sandy Ryerson.

There's a lot of talk about redemption for Karofsky.  I can understand how some fans would want someone who's closeted and self-loathing to come out and be happy.  I haven't forgotten what he did to Kurt, and Kurt hasn't forgotten either.  I don't think happy is in the cards for Dave, not in the immediate future.  He was right back in the closet when he saw Nick.  Well, he made a great effort, though Nick didn't seem convinced.  Kurt went along with it, but aside from people immediately assuming that Kurt is gay, Kurt really isn't a good liar.

I think Karofsky's going to get hit with the "gay by association" label, and I think it will go badly for him.  I've seen speculation over whether it will be him getting bashed or it will be his "inner demons."  It's sad, because he'd come so far from where he was.  I was happy with him left where he was in the fifth episode of the season, going regularly to a gay bar and learning that he was a bear cub.  That story could have ended happily for him.  Dave thinking he's in love with Kurt and inadvertently outing himself can't go well.

Dave wasn't meant to be an independent character, I don't believe.  He was meant as a trial for Kurt.  He's still meant as a trial for Kurt, just in different ways.  There's a lot of fan fiction that has him as a protagonist, but he's a minor character, if an important one, in canon.  I'm curious to see what will happen next week.  After next week, Glee is on hiatus for a couple of months.  I'm sure Tuesday will be a busy episode.

Later: I saw that Julia had written a piece on echolalia on Just Stimming.  I didn't understand it all, because some of it was in echolalia.  It was good, though, what I got from it.  She called a little boy a mini!Kurt.  I'll read it a few more times to see if I can absorb more of the patterns.  Julia says she needs to put at least a little bit of Glee in her writing.  I don't need to.  I just frequently want to.
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