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Thursday so far

Last night: A. called around eleven my time.  We talked for a while, but then I was losing the thread of the conversation because I was so sleepy.  He was telling stories about the Green Bay J., I remember that much.

Today: More chatting back and forth with folks on AE.  I made a comment on Deconstructing Glee, as well.  If they ask who I am, I'll refer them to AE, where I use the same name.  I'm not sure about referring people here.

I've been discussing things on AE with people who'd like to see Kurt paired with Karofsky.  I was glad that idea was shut down in canon.  I didn't like the idea of someone who was bullied getting together with the guy who bullied him.  I said that I agreed with those who said it sent a bad message.

I think Karofsky will be outed.  As I noted, he was seen talking emotionally to and giving candy to a boy who doesn't pass as straight.  Clearly Dave still felt that when there were people who knew him there, like his apparent schoolmate Nick, Kurt was dangerous to be around.  Except for Artie and Sam -- and Blaine and last year's Warblers -- Kurt's male peers found him threatening, the way he breaks gender norms all over the place.  Finn, Puck, and the rest of the male members of New Directions have gotten past that.

Dave would probably have preferred that Kurt not speak when Nick noticed Dave.  Kurt was going along with Karofsky wanting to stay in the closet, but it wasn't like Kurt was closeted.  He was being himself, which Karofsky evidently finds attractive when it's just gay men around, but not in front of straight guys he knows.

I want to see Blaine's reaction when Kurt tells him about this.  One blogger talked about how Blaine greeted Kurt with a smile and a microphone.  Blaine wants to hear Kurt's voice.  Perhaps notably, he wants to hear Kurt's voice in public, too.

Anyway, it's an interesting discussion.  I am eager to see what next week brings.

Later: I made it to an appointment.

SBTB says that old Loveswept books are being re-released.  I used to read those.  Some of the authors went on to write thrillers and such.  Janet Evanovitch went on to write the Stephanie Plum books.

Early evening: S. called.  I said I'd have to teach him to drive over the summer.  I've been saying that.

(Edited: I think I picked up "threatening" from Letters from Titan, where RM (Racheline Maltese) talks about monsters and says that Blaine is threatening. She says that lots of people at McKinley are monsters in various costumes. It's quite an interesting take.)
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