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Wednesday day

I fell asleep around eleven last night, and woke very early this morning.  AE's Glee recap was up by mid-morning, when I checked.  It will probably hit one hundred comments within a couple of hours.

I read the last chapters of Magic Mansion.  I recommended it on the MM/Gay romances forum a few times.

I ventured outside.  It wasn't terribly cold out.  The tea roses are leafing out, which is bad.  Ideally, they'd stay dormant until April.  They were only dormant for perhaps a couple of days.  The snowdrops, winter honeysuckle and sweet violets are all still blooming.  I'm not worried about the snowdrops or the winter honeysuckle.  I'm not sure how hardy the sweet violets are, although Louise Beebe Wilder talked about them being hardy in Rockland County, New York.  The climate there might be slightly milder than here.  Dad had much better luck with Hybrid Tea roses there than here.

I have the sweet violets as underplantings for a couple of the tea roses in really big pots.  A plant in a pot is essentially in a zone colder than a plant in the ground, I think at least partly because the soil in the pot freezes faster and I suppose more completely than the ground.  If the sweet violets are hardy to Zone 5, they should be all right.

Dad's veterans chapter sent flowers.

I got a good bit of editing done, enough so I could turn the novella in tonight and feel good about it.  I want to read it over one more time, though, so I'll probably put it back up tomorrow night.

I'm checking various other places besides AE to see if they have recaps or reactions to yesterday's episode of Glee up yet.
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