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...and working on some proofreading.  I picked up two proofreading jobs while away.  I was glad to have something to work on during the rainy days.  One is the second in Lena Austin's "Coyotes of Yellowstone" series, which has the most adorable characters.  Austin seems to have subverted the shapeshifting genre in several of her books.  An earlier one of hers completely parodied werewolf stories by having a character whose animal form was half Siberian husky and half Chihuahua.

I'm keeping up more on certain authors and reviewers since I joined the "mmromancefans" Yahoo group.  Apparently the group started out purely with fans, and is now half or more authors, so I feel a need to watch what I say.  Fortunately, a number of the authors are ones I'm fans of, so it's not hard to say nice things.  I think it's cheesy when they promo their own work, but a couple of the promos were for books I'd like to read, so I'm torn about that.

One of tne messages I saw on e-mail from the group and couldn't check out at the time was about Jessewave's second "Ugly Book Cover" contest.  Here's the link:  (And here's the winner:  I finally got a chance to read the posts late last night (Friday night).  I'd proofed four of eight of the books from a certain publisher, and finished an e-mail to Wave today which essentially asked her to give the books a chance (and explained that I saw the books long before they had covers, so I already had my own ideas of what the characters looked like).  She made a kind reply in which she agreed that many of the stories from the publisher were quite good, but made some points about ugly covers putting off the readers.  I searched for (and found) the first "Ugly Book Cover" contest, and the announcement of the "winner."  I realized I'd proofed half of the books from that certain publisher in that contest, as well.  Well, I think it's a "yay" for me keeping busy.  I did feel bad for the authors whose books ended up in the contests, though.  Wave explained that the covers were submitted by readers and authors.  I'm wildly curious as to which authors submitted their own books as having bad covers, but I don't think that's something I'm going to find out.  I'll probably do a friends-locked post in which I give my opinions about the covers of those particular books and related books in the series, if it is a series.  And I'll give my opinion of the books, if I read them.  I'll give some of the good opinions in this post.  I've read all the Felidae and Pridelands stories now.  I liked some more than others, but, overall, I really enjoyed them.  Yes, those are the cat-people from outer space ones.  I liked the ones with the leopard-men and the lion-men.  Some of the tiger-men and -women were jerks.  I proofed a couple in Sophia Titheniel's "Dance Wars" series, and I've read them all.  I thought those were original in many ways, yet had some classic elements of gay erotica.

More later...
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