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TV watching - Heart

There were parts I really liked about this week's episode of Glee, and some I was kind of lukewarm about.  I still don't like Sugar, and she had several scenes where she spoke.  I wasn't thrilled with the religiousity, either.

(*spoilers from here on*)  The episode had five gay male characters, and Santana and Brittany.  There were three same-sex couples in the episode.  This was all on network television.  I don't know if those numbers set records, but I thought it was great.

It was Blaine singing a good bit of the male lead vocals for "Love Shack."  I adored the video part of it.  Kurt got both male and female parts to sing, which I'd realized, but just the one line sung by a woman.  Knowing the original, I recognized that Kurt's singing style in this one was closely patterned after the male B-52's singer's.

I was surprised that Kurt wasn't at the Hummel-Hudson-Berry dinner.  After all, he's a big part of the Hummel family.  The focus was all supposed to be on Finn and Rachel, though.  I wasn't terrifically thrilled by the Berry family, although the reverse psychology was clever enough.  Hiram and Leroy looked more like Rachel's grandparents than parents.

The show went there with the "personal is political" themes for Brittana.  I enjoyed the exploration of the politics.  And they finally kissed!  Well, the episode had their first on-screen kisses.  I was happy with that.

All in all, one that's definitely worth re-watching.
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