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I woke early and ran an errand.  I paid some bills.  Glee is on tonight, and I'm looking forward to that.

The free books from Ellora's Cave this week or two are Gatekeeper by Debra Glass and A Taste of Twilight by Aubrey Ross.

Later: There's some interesting commentary on AfterElton about when a celebrity is officially out.  AE is very conservative in what they say.  A number of the members who posted thought that AE should have a more liberal definition.  I'm out online, and to a number of people in real life, but not everyone I know.  I outed myself as bisexual on German national television at the Gays of Our Lives event.

One commenter stated that AE members should use their real names and pictures of themselves on the site, especially if they wanted to comment about someone being out.  I don't think that's too practical for some.

Somewhat later: I got the Glee version of "Love Shack."  I'm very familiar with the original B-52's song, and prefer that.  It was interesting for me to try to pick out voices in the Glee version, since I haven't seen it on TV yet.  I think it's what music critics refer to as "over-produced," but I picked out a couple of voices.  In the teaser for the episode, you can see that Kurt and Mercedes have lines in the song, and that's whose voices I could distinguish.  I'll probably like the Glee video, though.  (Added: I loved the video part of the song.  I'm glad I was surprised.)

Later: I was restless, but I settled down long enough to re-read Death of a Blues Angel.  I had put my copy of Partners in Crime 2: I'll Be Dead For Christmas on the shelves of the GLBT organization office at [local university], and then it had been over a year before I got back to the office.  I'll bring the book back there so M. can read it.  I posted about it on AE, and noted that Death of a Blues Angel is available now as a Kindle book.  The print version is still available from MLR.  I don't know where the novella was originally published, but a lot of the AE readers of gay romance have Kindles.
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