neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Monday day

I made it to an appointment and the grocery store, and remembered to return the Glee: The Concert movie DVD to the library.

My weight is apparently exactly the same as it was three months ago.  Well, I didn't diet or exercise.  I'll talk to S. or S.M. about getting together with one of them to exercise.  If it's just me I don't motivate myself as far as exercise goes.

Dad seems to be hanging in there.  He doesn't generally show his emotions like most people do, and he communicates very indirectly.  I gave him a hug this morning after he told me the news.  He said, "You lost your grandmother."  I think it was along the lines of realizing that I'd had a loss too.  I'm not quite sure what he expected of me, but I was nice to him today.
Tags: family

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