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I got Glee: The Concert from the local library.  Watching it was a very mixed experience for me, especially seeing the actors stay in character in certain backstage scenes, and seeing the fans.  I was uncomfortable at the proof that I have in fact jumped on a bandwagon thousands, perhaps millions, of teenaged girls have jumped on.  Intellectually I knew this, but it was something else to see it reinforced.

I enjoyed the musical numbers.  I wish they'd put in "Single Ladies."  They did have a few Warbler performances, plus Blaine singing in some songs he wasn't in on the show.  Why not get everything you can from that voice and performance ability, though?

There was a focus on a few fans in particular.  One was a young woman of short stature.  She called herself a dwarf.  I have completely lost track of what the politically correct terminology is.  She was a cheerleader, and there were a few scenes with her cheerleading coach speaking, as well.  Very interesting observations from the young woman.

Another fan was a young woman with Asperger's Syndrome, who was a huge Brittany fan.  Glee had helped her a lot to socialize, she said.  A third was a young gay man who said he'd been outed in eighth grade, and wished he'd had a role model like Kurt at the time.  He had his own "Likes Boys" T-shirt.  There were various other fans who had brief commentary, but the film chose to focus a fair amount of fan time on those three and follow their lives a bit.

Kevin/Artie performed "Safety Dance."  Now that I've been reading a lot more again about disability politics, that was an interesting choice for the concert.  I think it may have been the thought of why not use that dancing ability?

The concert had professional dancers for some of the acts.  Well, the Glee actors get paid to dance, so they're professionals in that sense, but only a couple are really pros, trained dancers.

I liked the musical performances.  I would have liked to see more of the skits.  There was one as an extra bit on the DVD.
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