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Friday so far

I stayed up very late reading Autostraddle's Glee recaps, then woke this morning at 7:30 a.m.  I felt really bad, and hoped I could go back to sleep.  No luck with that yet, but I'm feeling somewhat better.  Not better enough yet to do anything really ambitious, but maybe I'll work my way up to somewhat ambitious.

As for the show itself, I'm not really holding that much of a grudge anymore against Finn for outing Santana, as bad as that was.  I've still got a problem with the way he stage-managed her coming out.  I've seen arguments that she couldn't accept help from Kurt and Blaine because she knew what they'd gone through, but she could accept caring from a straight ally.  I think the writing could have been much, much better, and there could have been a focus on Santana and Brittany, with Santana dealing her own way, rather than how Finn was telling her to.

I am still holding a grudge against Sugar.  Last we heard from her, she had self-diagnosed Asperger's Syndrome, which she explained as saying that she could say anything rude about anyone, and it was her condition.  That was the first episode of the third season.  Apparently she had a song at some point since then, but it was cut for time.  Thus we still don't know that she's presumably improved as a singer.

I've seen fangirling over Sugar: "Look what cute things she's doing in the background!  She's adorable!"  My dislike will continue at least until she apologizes for faking a condition.  New Directions seems to have accepted her.  If Finn could apologize to Blaine for the way Finn treated him, Sugar could apologize to the group.  This is one of those things I hope gets followed up on.

Apparently it brought a lot of people who are not familiar with Glee but are familiar with the autism spectrum to criticize the show.  Some may only be seeing the stereotypes, and not know who Kurt is as a person, and why he is the way he is.  I attribute all kinds of intentionality to how Kurt is written and played.  This season, Glee's exploring racism, as it has in previous seasons.  It's somewhat more explicit this time.  Characters are calling Mercedes lazy, when she's not.  It's shockingly easy to buy into the stereotype, and that's the point.

There's some discussion, including from me, about how the season is about passing and not passing.  It's applying to disability as well as sexuality and gender presentation.  It's pretty clear what they're trying to say when Sebastian, the villain, is displaying effeminiphobia, and Kurt's one of the heroes of the show.  I got a lot out of Julia's arguments for Brittany having an intellectual disability.  It would explain much.  Some of the commenters on AfterEllen wish that Santana would find a brighter girlfriend.  They're picking up on something, but Santana knows what Brittany's like and loves her.

I'm waiting to see if they do more with characters with intellectual and developmental disabilities and what it means when someone is faking being on the autism spectrum.  I'm familiar with the show, and Sugar still makes me that mad.  I just wish they'd followed up with it after a few episodes, or at least in the first half of the season.
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