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trip to local fair

A. and I went to a local fair tonight.  We went on the Ferris wheel, then walked around and saw the games of chance and exhibitions.  We saw a bit of the judging for cattle.  Some were white with black flecks, some black and white (Line-something -- A. asked, but I forget), some brown and white, at least one pale beige -- not Jersey, though.  We got there when they were judging heifers, then dairy cattle old enough to have had calves -- I could swear they praised the one for having a good udder.  Then I think they were judging pregnant cows.  I didn't realize cattle were judged in quite so many conditions.  We saw the sheep and goats.  They had the black-faced sheep, and all white.  I'm sure there are hundreds if not thousands of breeds that are all white.  A. knew the goat breeds.  She said one kind were Gore (?) [edited: "Boer" she says] -- will have to double-check with her on that one.  But she said they were meat goats, and apparently they stay little.  She recognized two other kinds -- two goats in together.  She said the one was a La Mancha goat.  I looked this up -- apparently they have little tiny ears.  That one did.  She said it couldn't be more than a kid, because they get considerably bigger than that -- the goats, not their ears.  A. said the other one was a Nubian.  I'd heard of them, and knew they had long ears.  She thought that one was pretty young, too.  She said her family had had Angora goats, too, and I think she mentioned Alpine goats.  I asked about Cashmere goats.  A. said the cashmere came from the undercoat.  She said she really missed her goats.  Her family has or had goats for wool and dairy goats.  I asked about milking goats.  She said the easiest way she knew of was to lead them up a ramp, then put them in something (stanchions?  Will ask again) that holds them around the neck, and give them grain to eat.

A. went on a few more rides, a couple that whirl you around and at least one of the ones that go up and then drop.  I cheered her on from the ground.  I'd had funnel cake and a caramel apple for dinner, and didn't want to push it.  We saw the flower and vegetable exhibitions.  If I'd known, I could have brought in my tiger lilies.  There were a wide variety of dahlias there.  The vegetables looked good, too.  It's pretty good farmland around here, except much of it is developed now.  It was a fun trip -- it had been years since I'd gotten there.
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