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U. of AfterElton said he reviewed the Taking the Odds series.  I found a review of his for All or Nothing.  I recommended the series to him.  I told him there were short stories as well.  I miss the freebie short stories that were on James' old website.

Later: I looked around for free books.  Ellora's Cave has Traveller's Refuge and Joey W. Hill's Holding the Cards as free books this week.  While I was there I got Charlie's Bargain by Evangeline Anderson and Fortune's Bride by Roberta Gellis.  Dancer's Delight goes before Traveller's Refuge in that series, so I got that.  I got Defying the Moon by Cheryl Dragon as a "treasure from the vault" (backlist book on sale).

The free MLR book is the short story "Home for the Holidays."  It follows Details of the Hunt.

Tags: books, m/m, romance

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